Our History

Before moving to Donna, Texas, the Curling family served as medical missionaries in Mexico. After Mary Jane Curling was diagnosed with cancer, the family decided to move to the border of the United States so she could be closer to American hospitals and receive regular cancer treatments. While residing in America, God clearly showed them the need to leave medical missions and enter the world of education--specifically, to start a Christian school for Christian families that focused on discipling young people. Local families and fellow missionaries began requesting her help in teaching and educating their children. Just like Paul answered the Macedonian Call, and filled in the gap for the church of Macedonia, the Curlings also answered “the call” and filled in the educational gap for Christian families. Thus, Macedonian Christian Academy (MCA) was established in the Curlings' home in 1987. This ministry has completely relied on Christ for its favor and success. We have enjoyed serving families in the Rio Grande Valley for more than 20 years. MCA stands firm to meeting the need of Christian families and furthering the kingdom in the individual lives of each student.

Our Mission

Macedonian Christian Academy exists to exalt Christ, make disciples, and build families.

Our desire is to glorify Christ by discipling families and their children.  We strive to help make God an all-consuming reality.  The goal is to collectively realize that God has a sovereign purpose for each of His redeemed children.  We are created to enjoy God and His plan for our life.  We endeavor to see graduates who lead a life that is worthy of the gospel and marked by a Biblical worldview.  At MCA, we believe the chief goal and purpose of all things, including education, is to love God and love our neighbor.  True education is literally impossible without such a transcendent goal and purpose.

Doctrinal Statement

Santiago Curling: MCA Administrator

“I can’t believe that God allows me to do this every day!” This is often my reaction when I think about how privileged I am to work at MCA. When I was thirteen years old, I put my trust in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross as the payment for my sin.  Soon after that, I decided to live in any way that God directed. I did not want to turn 30 and realize that I had squandered my life. Even at a young age, I knew that the only life worth living is one that makes much of God.
Today, I minister in education because God has given me a passion for discipling young people. A child’s school years are the best time to deal with heart issues that determine the kind of adult he or she will become. As an administrator and teacher, I get to work with young people every day.  What a privilege! While serving at MCA, I know that I have learned more than my students.  God continues to change the hearts and lives of both students and staff. I thank God that He allows me to do this every day!

Meet the Staff

Timothy Aguiar
Serving since 2018
Finances/Jr High Bible

Dana Aguiar
Serving since 2018
Late Stay

Naomi Blaha
Serving since 2014 
Administrative Assistant/Events Coordinator

Patricia Caballero
Serving since 2018

Juan Curling
Serving since 2005
Director of Develomment

Rachel Curling
Serving since 2005
Voice and violin teacher/ Elementary choir

Santiago Curling
Serving since 1998
Superintendent/HS Basketball coach/HS Bible

Daniel De la Rosa
Serving since 2018
5th Grade Teacher

Julie Degollado
Serving since 2018

Melinda Drescher
Serving since 2010
4th Grade teacher 

Shelby Enriquez
Serving since 1998

Orpha Hernandez
Serving since 2018
SC Receptionist 

Roxanne Hernandez
Serving since 2017
1st Grade

Amelia Kingston
Serving since 2018
3rd Grade Teacher

Jean Kincaid
Serving since 2017
Jr High/High School Science

Andrea Green
Serving since 2018
2nd Grade Teacher

Iris Lara
Serving since 2003
Elementary Principal

Matthew Lott
Serving since 2018
Band Director

Yoli Marshall
Serving since 2012
6th Grade Teacher 

Ilonka Mateo
Serving since 2009
Development Office/ Academic Coordinator

Andrew Medina
Serving since 2015
Volleyball Coach

Lydia Medina
Serving since 2002
Jr High Math/Athletic Director

James Mendoza
Serving since 2018

Linda Mendoza
Serving since 2012
Spanish/Jr High History/Choir/Fine Arts Coordinator

Sarai Mendoza
Serving since 2016
Computer Science/Yearbook/English

Andrea Olivares
Serving since 2017
NC Receptionist

Marly Rico
Serving since 2017
NC Receptionist

Caleb Schantz
Serving since 2018
Development Office

Corinne Schmidt
Serving since 2016
High School Math/Cross Country Coach

Stephanie Stokes
Serving since 2015

Courtney Treible
Serving since 2018
Jr High/High School P.R. Teacher 

Amy Rodriguez
Serving since 2017
World History

Elvira Rosas
Serving since 2018
K3-K4 Teacher

Mitzie Stewart
Serving since 2018
ACT/College Prep 

Yessenia Vazquez
Serving since 2016
SC Receptionist 

Eduardo Vazquez
Serving since 2017
Grounds Maintenance

Robert Verwindt
Serving since 2017
Maintenance/Soccer Coach/Elementary, Jr High, High School P.E.

Sandra Villarreal
Serving since 2018
SC Teacher's Aide

Darrell Wilkinson
Serving since 2016
Maintenance and Facilities Administrator/High School Bible

Juan Curling: Director of Development

I was born in Mexico but moved to the U.S. border when I was five years old.

My parents had been church planters in Mexico and medical missionaries in Honduras. In 1987 they founded Macedonian Christian Academy, a Christian school on the border of Texas and Mexico.


I attended MCA for 10 years and graduated in 1997.  That fall, I began my education at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. After I finished my first year of college, my brother Santiago and I returned home to find our mother bed-ridden.   We were shocked and heartbroken to see that cancer had gone into overdrive throughout her body.  My mother passed away on October 3, 1998. When Santiago and I took over the ministries of Missionary Evangelism, we were only 21 and 19 years old. Santiago took care of the educational side of the ministry, and I was in charge of the summer missions programs.


The following spring, I returned to Bob Jones University to continue my education. I met my wife, Rachel, in 2000. We were married on December 13, 2002, and I graduated in May, 2004.  We moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 2005, and have been serving under Missionary Evangelism, Inc. since then.


I consider myself fortunate to work with the families and staff of Macedonian Christian Academy. It is hard to believe that God would allow me to be a part of this ministry. I realize that, apart from Him, I am incapable of accomplishing the goals set for me at MCA. I pray that, through God’s strength, I can help build His kingdom and accomplish His good work.

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