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Student Life

District Champs 17-18
Lady Lions 2018


The mission of the athletic program at Macedonian Christian Academy is to shape and reveal the character of our students through teamwork and self discipline both on and off the court.  The students work hard and play hard in order to bring glory to their Father in heaven. Although MCA maintains this focus on character development through sports, the athletic competition is still first-rate. The athletic programs at Macedonian Christian Academy offer year-long opportunities and state-wide competition for all students.

MCA offers multiple opportunities for students to become involved in different sports all year long. In the fall, the Junior High and High School students play coed volleyball. The Lady Lions also compete separately in a girls’ volleyball league. In the winter, our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams work hard to defeat their private and public school opponents. The intensity of these games brings excitement to the fans and energy to the teams. For our elementary students, winter soccer and spring volleyball provide an introduction into the world of competitive sports at MCA. With a different sport going on all year long, there is never a dull moment for students at MCA. 

The sports leagues to which MCA belongs are at a level of high competition, both locally and state wide. VCAA, the Valley Christian Athletic Association, is a local league directed by Mr. Santiago Curling, the administrator of Macedonian Christian Academy. It consists of twelve of the local Christian schools, and provides the bulk of MCA’s games during the season. TAPPS, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, consists of fifty-eight other 1A schools throughout Texas. Students travel to state-wide tournaments within the TAPPS league, giving them a better challenge and a more rewarding victory. Between VCAA and TAPPS, the students compete against their local friends and make new friends throughout the state.

Fine Arts

Art Program

MCA has recently started a new art program at the school.  Students will explore different mediums as well as learn the basics and fundamentals of the art world. 



Drama Programs

God has given us the tool of drama to instill confidence and character in MCA students.  Participation in drama events is mandatory:

  • Fall Fine Arts Festival:  Each fall we present a full program for our school family and community.  MCA strives to involve every class in this joyous event, and we hope you will make it a priority to come watch the students display their God given talents!




  • Fine Arts Banquet & Auction: Join us for one of the biggest fundraising events of the school year! MCA students will get the opportunity to present an original play, written by Mrs. Emily Wade, as well as perform with musical instruments, and vocals.  After the bidding takes place with the auction, everyone gets to enjoy dinner and a show!


 Music Lessons

Each year MCA will try to offer various lessons.  We encourage that all students take lessons.  The cost and schedule will be handled by the individual teacher.  All music students are required to participate in the recitals and other music programs.


Student Ministries

MCA has renewed its focus on ministry and outreach.  In the past, our students have served families in the school and community on occasion.  The desire to help was there, but the organization was missing.  We are combining our hearts and our heads by giving each class its own special ministry!  For example, the elementary classes collect necessary household items each month for Elijah Ministries.  These items are then distributed to those living in and around the Reynosa trash dump.  The fifth- and sixth-grade classes are cultivating a garden in order to provide needy families with vegetables.  The seventh and eighth-grade classes help elderly people with yard work and cleaning.  The freshmen and sophomores are building relationships with retired veterans as they visit them at the V.A. Nursing home.  The juniors and seniors travel to the Pilar de Esperanza Orphanage in Mexico to help with cleaning, organizing, and showing love to the children. These ministries are not just a fad; they are a display of the gratitude and love in our students' hearts. We pray that these ministries will be a blessing not only to our students, but to those around us as well.

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