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We're on a mission to provide a great K-12 descipleship focused education. Over 20 years we have expanded from a tiny study group to a large school with over 170 students. Want to be a part of this? Explore our job openings below and join the team.
Elementary Teacher:  3rd grade
secondary teacher:  7th/8th history/english; 7th reading
secondary teacher: 8th grade bible
secondary teacher: 9th/10th spanish 1
secondary teacher: 11th grade Health
secondary teacher: 11th american Lit/12th british lit
office receptionist/administrative assistant
communications director
Unique Opportinity for Personal Growth
Weather you have a background in teaching, graphic design, drama, sports, or anything else there is a place for you at MCA. All staff members and interns have opportunites to grow personally and in their faith.

Cultural Exploration

Want to experience Mexican culture or practice your spanish? Our organiation offers the unique opportunity to live on the border of Texas and Mexico and learn about the beauties and difficulites of living in a border city.

DIsciple Students

Every single staff member and intern will have scheduled discipelship opportunities with students. Live and learn with them by sharing your life and pouring out your heart.

Not your ordinary School

Variety is exciting and so whatever role you have here you will for sure be asked to do something else, possibly outside your comfort zone. For example you could coach, lead a chapel, or design a set for drama class.

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